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Back in 2011, three heady young filmmakers decided that it was time to stop talking about making movies and actually start doing it. That was when Michael, Ryan, and I founded Finite Films and launched into an insane, non-stop year of filmmaking. If you’re here, reading this blog post, you are likely aware of what came out of that very productive year: 12 short films, all based on constraints submitted to us by our audience every month.

And then it was over. We rounded out our year with the release of the aptly-named Last Year and then proceeded to rest our weary bodies…and take note of how much we had aged in a mere 12 months (my hair was considerably thicker and more lustrous in our bright-eyed, rosy-cheeked 2011 crowdfunding video).

We thought about what to do next. We needed to find a way to be a more financially sustainable company (we poured a good deal of our savings into that first year of Finite Films), and now that our year of constraints-based filmmaking was over, we weren’t exactly sure what we even were anymore. Were we a new-media YouTube channel? A more traditional film company? Both?


And then, out of the blue, we were offered an opportunity to create a web series based on one of our short films, Anamnesis. We jumped at the chance. In classic Finite Films style, we got overly-ambitious, and spent the next year of our lives producing the first five episodes, all of which we have yet to release. They’ve been sitting on the shelf because we then got an opportunity to write a full-on TV pilot based on the web series, which Michael and I then spent the next year working on.


Which brings us to today. We learned a lot while developing the Anamnesis pilot script, but ultimately both sides agreed it wasn’t working out and they ended up passing on the project. What does all this mean for the web series? Check back on Thursday for more news on that…

But here’s what it means for Finite Films: we’ve regrouped, refocused, and are re-energized to get back to our roots—making movies, our way, for our fans.

We’re preparing to re-launch with a brand-new look and embark on an ambitious production pipeline that will include short and feature films. We’ve been inspired by a growing movement in the indie film community to bypass traditional forms of film and television distribution (which are in a state of flux anyway) and instead leverage the internet to deliver great films directly to the audiences that want to see them.

There’s so much more to say, but we just want to let you guys know that 2015 is going to be an exciting year here at Finite Films. After a couple years of false starts and soul-searching, we feel more aligned to our purpose than ever.

We believe in making movies that respect the audience, give them an experience, and strive for originality. What does that look like? Stick around and find out…

More news very soon!


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 Alex Calleros

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I'm a co-founder of Finite Films, and I directed the shorts Day 1000, Stealing Time, Occupational Hazards, Anamnesis, and Unsustainable. Of the 3 of us, I'm probably the most obsessed with film soundtracks and most likely to be called a "foodie" and/or "wino." Most recently co-wrote and co-directed Anamnesis: The Series.

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