Shelter from the Storm

Short Film | Drama | June 2015

Shelter from the Storm

June 2015

Directed by: Ryan McDuffie
Running Time: 11 minutes
Description: In the early 90’s–when music was shared hand-to-hand–Jerry shows up at Liz’s doorstep after disappearing with her prized collection of Bob Dylan bootlegs.
Cast: Deborah Jensen, Brian Patrick Monahan


The Team

Director: Ryan McDuffie
Original Play Written by: David Rabinow
Producers: Ryan McDuffie, Brian Patrick Monahan, Pamela St. Jean
Director of Photography: Terrance Stewart
Editor: Dan Selakovich
Production Manager: Greg Walther
Co-Executive Producers:  Alex Calleros, Michael Tucker
Colorist: David Sims
Sound Recordist: Daniel J. Clark
Sound Editing and Mixing: Matt D. Reyes, Anthony Zito
Gaffer Marcus Johannes
Production Designer: Pamela St. Jean
Contractor: John Busse
Music by: Bob Dylan
Adapted Screenplay by: Ryan McDuffie