Film Noir | April 2012


April 2012

Directed by: Michael Tucker
Running Time: 23 minutes
Description: When a fashion model is found murdered on his set, photographer Brendan Holloway begins to suspect that his new muse isn’t to be trusted.
Cast: Zach Brown, Marisa Persson, Morgan White, Chrissy Randall, Deborah Jensen, Brian Monahan, Mary O’Malley



  • A supernatural being/non-human must masquerade as a human.
  • One of the characters doesn’t speak English.
  • A character must say the line “Please stop shooting me.”
  • A character must say the line “I don’t know where, I don’t know when, I don’t know how, and I don’t know why. Well, I know where…”
  • Plot must revolve around the murder of a character we never know.
  • The main character never speaks a line of dialogue.
  • Must be in the style of a 40′s noir.

Behind the Scenes

The Team

Written and Directed by: Michael Tucker
Producers: Alex Calleros, Ryan McDuffie, Michael Tucker, Shashona Brooks
Director of Photography: Terrance Stewart
Edited by: Michael Tucker, Alex Calleros
Sound Design by: Daniel J. Clark
Sound Editors: Daniel J. Clark, Ryan McDuffie
Art Director: Olivia Schlueter-Corey
Costume Designer: Olivia Schlueter-Corey
Music by: Bryan Ricker
Production Sound: Daniel J. Clark, David Sims
Visual Effects by: Michael Tucker
Make-up: Alyssa Rosenthal, Zach Brown
Colorist: David Sims
Production Manager: Greg Walther
Assistant Director:Tam Nguyen
Associate Producers: Jeffrey Blank, Garrett Liggett, Max Kleinman, Adele Watkin