Christmas Party

Short Film | Comedy | 2013

Christmas Party


Directed by: Alex Calleros
Running Time: 5 minutes
Description: When Vanessa and Will sneak out of their boring office party to get high, the night takes an unexpected turn…
Cast: Adele Watkin, Dan Beckner, Brad C. Wilcox, Deborah Jensen, Zach Brown, Sophie Green, Ryan McDuffie


The Team

Director: Alex Calleros
Screenplay by: Alex Calleros
Story by: Dan Beckner and Adele Watkin
Producers: Adele Watkin, Dan Beckner, Alex Calleros, Ryan McDuffie, Michael Tucker
Director of Photography: Terrance Stewart
Production Manager: Greg Walther
Music by: Bryan Ricker
Edited by: Alex Calleros
Sound Supervisor: Daniel J. Clark
Make-up: Alyssa Rosenthal
Gaffer: Marcus Johannes
Visual Effects: Michael Tucker, Alex Calleros
Additional Music by: Aaron Gentry, Royalty Free Kings