Surreal Drama | February 2012


February 2012

Directed by: Alex Calleros
Running Time: 22 minutes
Description: When Adam wakes up in a childhood memory, he figures he must be dreaming. But as his girlfriend, Hannah, leads him deeper into his subconscious, he begins to realize the truth…
Cast: Dan Beckner, Mallory Marie Wedding, Mary O’Malley, Mikie Beatty, Andrew Makishima



  • One character must use refrigerator poetry magnets to leave a note/message for another character.
  • One scene must take place in a women’s bathroom — the male lead must be having a discussion with a female character.
  • Someone has just revisited their worst memory from middle school.
  • At least three characters must be related.
  • One character loves taking blame for others’ mistakes.
  • The dialogue from one scene must be exactly the same in one scene as it is in another, yet the tone of both scenes must be different.
  • The film must have one 2-minute-long shot.

Behind the Scenes

The Team

Director: Alex Calleros
Writer: Alex Calleros
Producers: Alex Calleros, Ryan McDuffie, Michael Tucker
Director of Photography: Terrance Stewart
Assistant Director: Greg Walther
Music by: Bryan Ricker
Edited by: Alex Calleros
Sound Design: Daniel J. Clark, Andrew Malott
Colorist: David Sims
Visual Effects: Michael Tucker, David Sims
Production Sound Daniel J. Clark, Abraham Espinosa, Ryan McDuffie
Make-up: Alyssa Rosenthal
Associate Producer: Adele Watkin