In short, we want to make good movies.

But what does “good” mean to us?

Respect the Audience

A good movie never takes its audience for granted, and treats them like the smart, thoughtful individuals they are. This is more important than profit.

Create an Experience

Our favorite movies are the ones that make us lose ourselves in the world of the film. Whether it be an escapist adventure film or an informative documentary, this is the goal of all our projects.


For us originality means adding to the conversation. If you want to make a horror slasher B-movie that’s fine!— but lend it your own voice and instead of just repeating back a string of movie cliches…add to the conversation.

The Team


The new launches, Anamnesis premieres, and Finite Films embarks on their most ambitious slate of projects yet…


Production begins on the crowd-funded web series, Anamnesis.


Finite Films embarks on a year-long, interactive film project, where a short film was made every month based on audience-generated constraints.


Finite Films is officially formed. They came up with the idea during an AIM group chat.


Alex Calleros, Ryan McDuffie, Michael Tucker, having become friends during their last year in the film program, graduate from University of California at Santa Cruz.

There are some great resources for independent filmmakers. Here are some of our favorites.

Filmmaker Toolkit

Want to know even more about us? Check out our iFAQ (infrequently asked questions)!

Check Out Our iFAQ

Finite Films also does commercial work. To find out more about our commercial services…

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