How To Put Your Friends Into TRON: Legacy

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As promised in last week’s blog post, this week’s post is all about the making of The Wedding Gift of Amuno Kensai, specifically the TRON: Legacy section (which starts at about 9:20 if you want to skip to the VFX extravaganza).

I’ll let the video do all the explaining. It walks you through everything from how we made the TRON suits to how I composited the actors into the TRON environment using After Effects and Cinema 4D. Below the video I’ve posted links to various TRON resources I found and utilized when making this video, in case you’re thinking about making your own TRON video!

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TRON: Legacy Resources:

Making TRON Costumes


Adafruit Sells EL Wire and EL Tape for costumes (the second clip on the page teaches you how to place tracking markers)


3D Model Downloads at


Color Palette (Useful for figuring out the right colors for the glows)



Cinema 4D Light Cycle Trail (How I created the “light trail” behind the light cycles)


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