Happy Lucid Dreaming Day & Anamnesis Anniversary!

Today is the anniversary of the release of Anamnesis. It’s strange that it’s already been a year, and we wish that we were announcing more episodes — spoiler alert, we’re not — but we did feel like we should release something.

After releasing Anamnesis, we took Season One on the emerging television festival circuit, including SeriesFest in Denver and NYTVF in New York City. While we managed to squeak by on a shoestring budget producing Season One, we knew we needed a significantly larger budget for Season Two, and our hope was to find a distribution partner who could at least partially fund future seasons.

With a partner, the remaining budget could be raised on Kickstarter, and with this plan in mind we began working on a number of special features for a DVD / Digital Download package as a potential Kickstarter perk. Unfortunately, at the end of our festival run we were still without a distribution partner—and didn’t see a path forward financially for producing Season Two. And so the special features we had lovingly worked on sat and gathered digital dust.

Until today!

Today we are releasing all of the special features we made for free on YouTube. This includes featurettes on the VFX of Anamnesis, the music of Anamnesis, a deleted scene, all five episodes with director audio commentary, and a 28-minute behind-the-scenes video that includes material from the previously released production diaries as well as brand new BTS footage.

Thanks so much for being fans of Anamnesis. We’re sorry that we’re not bringing news of more episodes, and if we’re being honest you shouldn’t count on any new episodes anytime soon—but we’re hoping this can provide some enjoyment for fans of the series. We love you guys, thank you for all the kind words and support over the last year.

Happy Lucid Dreaming Day everyone!

—Michael & Alex

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