Finite Films and Tommy Chong #FeelTheBern

Tommy with our Finite crew: director Alex Calleros, D.P. Terrance Stewart, and producer Ryan McDuffie. To the right of us is Eli Graham, producer and social media director with Cheech and Chong, and Brett Banditelli, the national digital director of The People For Bernie Sanders 2016

Up until now my political activism hasn’t really intersected with my work at Finite Films, but that all changed last month.

If you happen to follow me on Facebook or Twitter, it is probably abundantly clear to you that I am a BIG supporter of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Turns out the rest of the Finite Films team feels the same way, and that’s why we jumped at the opportunity when we were approached by producer Eli Graham over the holidays to create a video for none other than Tommy Chong (of Cheech & Chong) endorsing Bernie for President.

We had a great time shooting Tommy’s endorsement at East Dog Town Studio with our favorite D.P. Terrance Stewart (who’s a big fan of both Chong and Sanders), and had a little too much fun getting 6K dolly shots of potted plants with Terrance’s RED Epic.

Plants. In 6K.

The video has now gone properly “viral” and has been featured on CNN and in the LA Times. Check it out and #FeelTheBern!


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 Alex Calleros

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I'm a co-founder of Finite Films, and I directed the shorts Day 1000, Stealing Time, Occupational Hazards, Anamnesis, and Unsustainable. Of the 3 of us, I'm probably the most obsessed with film soundtracks and most likely to be called a "foodie" and/or "wino." Most recently co-wrote and co-directed Anamnesis: The Series.

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