Blood Cannon.


Happy Halloween!


So. It’s the late afternoon on October 24th, 2011. I’m visiting with my mom, who has come down to LA for a work trip, when I get a call from Ryan. He needs me to come back up to the cabin, because they need more crew for the next couple days of filming. I don’t want to go. I’m pretty exhausted, having just finished work on Defenseless, and had already been up to the cabin only a few days before to help out on the shoot. But, nonetheless, off I go on the two hour drive to Forest Falls, California.

I arrive, bracing for hours of holding the boom pole, or maybe setting up lights. Ryan brings me into the bathroom, lined with garbage bags, and hands me a ridiculous contraption. It’s an empty 1-liter coke bottle attached to complicated piping with a switch that connects to a big cone. Oh, and there’s a pump on it. Ryan says, “It’s a blood canon. Garrett made it but had to leave, so you need to figure out how it works.” 😐

“Okay,” I say.

Ryan points out a big thing of fake blood, and day-old pasta. “It’d be great if you could figure out the ideal consistency to make it look like this is Deborah’s brains being blown out of her head.”

“Okay,” I say.

“Great,” replies Ryan, as he runs back outside to continue filming people running for their lives. I proceed to have a blast for the next two hours. I spend the time mixing different ratios of blood-to-brain matter, and shooting the different mixtures into the bathtub. It’s a lot of fun.

I demo each for Ryan, and he picks his ideal mixture. “Yeah, that looks like a good amount of brain matter. Let’s shoot it.”

I crawl into the cramped back seat of a pickup truck, and aim the cannon at the windshield. I pump it up as much as I can without feeling like everything will break apart and explode everywhere. “Roll camera!”…”Camera speeds!” “And…action!”


It was awesome.

Three years ago today we released our horror film, “Forest Falls.” The circumstances surrounding the making of Forest Falls had to pushed us further into the realm of insanity than we’d ever gone before, but it was worth it. It remains one of our most popular films, and definitely one of my favorites.


Check it out, and have a happy Halloween!


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