“Being George Clooney” premieres in Santa Barbara this weekend!

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In addition to (finally) releasing our long-awaited web series, Anamnesis, Finite Films spent a good chunk of 2015 focused on another project you may not know about—a feature documentary directed by Paul Mariano, with whom I previously collaborated on the 2011 Sundance doc These Amazing Shadows.

These Amazing Shadows delved into the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry—a collection of America’s most culturally and historically important films—and the efforts being made to preserve them for the future. You can watch the trailer on YouTube and rent or buy the full film on Amazon and iTunes.

Being George Clooney is also a documentary about the movies, but its subject matter couldn’t be more different. This time around, Paul turned his camera to the world of foreign dubbers—the actors who provide the “official voices” of our American celebrities overseas. Ryan, Michael, and I co-edited Being George Clooney, and over the course of months (and months) of editing, we fell in love with these quirky men and women who take such pride in providing the voices (and really, performances) for the foreign-language versions of Hollywood’s biggest films.

Now, it’s having its World Premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival this weekend! Michael, Ryan, and I will be joining the rest of the crew for the big night on Saturday, February 6th at 5:40pm. If you find yourself in Santa Barbara, grab yourself some tickets and join us!


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