Web Series | 2015


When a woman dreams of her boyfriend’s death on the same night he’s murdered, she and a group of strangers begin to unravel a greater mystery by journeying into their subconscious. Watch the short film prologue that inspired the series.

Episode 1


Episode 01

Hannah is unsettled by a violent dream about her boyfriend Adam. Noah has a strange encounter on the beach.

Episode 2


Episode 02

Sean’s waking life can’t compare to the freedom of his lucid dreams. Hannah confides in her therapist. Noah’s sense of reality begins to unravel.

Episode 3


Episode 03

Sean fantasizes about Hannah in his lucid dreams. Detective Isaac Sterling pays Vera an unwelcome visit.

Episode 4


Episode 04

Vera takes the detective’s investigation into her own hands. Sean searches for Noah in the dream world.

Episode 5


Episode 02

Vera’s recurring nightmares get worse. Sean and Hannah find answers in their waking lives. Noah makes a startling decision.