Anamnesis Wins Big at Miami Web Fest!

Miami Web Fest

Hi All,

I just got back from the Miami Web Fest, where Anamnesis took home the awards for Best Sci-Fi Series, Best Actress (Mallory Marie Wedding), and Best in Festival!

Miami was (of course) gorgeous, and I met other great web series creators, including the team behind CON (which took home the Best Drama and Best Actor awards), as well as John Launchi and Mike Ryan of Help Yourself. You can check out their comedy series on YouTube, and we’ll be seeing them again soon in NYC for New York Television Festival later this month!

Anamnesis also recently screened at ITVFest in Vermont, and is playing this weekend in the Brooklyn Web Fest, both of which we wish we could be at (damn expensive airfare!). We will be heading cross-country again for NYTVF, the last festival we’re attending this season. After that, we hope to have some news for you all about the future of the show, so stay tuned…


Best Sci-Fi Award

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I'm a co-founder of Finite Films, and I directed the shorts Day 1000, Stealing Time, Occupational Hazards, Anamnesis, and Unsustainable. Of the 3 of us, I'm probably the most obsessed with film soundtracks and most likely to be called a "foodie" and/or "wino." Most recently co-wrote and co-directed Anamnesis: The Series.

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